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            1. About Us
            2. Our Team
            3. Our Mission And Values
            4. Social Responsibility
          2. About Us

            Suzhou Zelgen Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Zelgen) was founded in 2009 and locates in the Kunshan National New and High-Tech District (KSND) in Jiangsu Province ...

          3. Our Team

            Our management and technical team has rich experiences in the fields of new drug R&D, clinical research, manufacture, quality control and enterprise management. We have a deep insight ...

          4. Our Mission And Values

            Solidarity, Efficiency, Integrity, Innovation
            Development and manufacture of high quality, safe, efficacious and affordable new medications for improving human health!

          5. Social Responsibility

            Safe Production Policy : Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management, full participation.
            Quality Policy : Quality is life. Integrity is foundation. Innovation is fundamental. We commit to providing the public with safe and efficacious products.

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