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            1. R&D Centers
            2. R&D Strength
            3. Clinical Research
            4. Pipeline

            New drug research and development is the companys core competency and it is critical for our sustained development. We have established three research and development centers in Kunshan, Shanghai and California, forming a triangle framework that maximizes the potentials of Zelgen's technology and resource advantages.


            Kunshan R&D Center for New Biopharmaceuticals

            Our R&D Center for New Biopharmaceuticals is located in the Kunshan Industrialization Center , focuses on the development and commercialization of recombinant protein drugs. This center has capabilities that include molecular biology, cell biology, pilot-scale cell production, protein purification, lyophilization, and quality control, and capacity to generate multiple IND filings.

            ShanghaiShanghai R&D Center for Chemical New Drug 
            Our chemical laboratory is located in Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley. This unique location, allowed us to take advantage of the public technology service platforms and resources of the Zhangjiang High Tech Park and build integrated capabilities for small molecule drug IND filings, including molecular design, CMC development, pharmacological testing, pharmacokinetic screening and toxicology studies. In addition, Zelgen has a pilot formulation lab and a pilot API lab in Kunshan forming an efficient and complete modern R & D platform for new chemical drugs. 


            U.S. R&D Center

            Our U.S. R&D Center, Gensun Biopharma Inc., is located in Thousand Oaks, California, and focuses on innovative antibody-based drugs in the field of Immuno-Oncology. Gensun has three R&D platforms, TriGen, CheckGen and TGen, and its pipeline includes more than ten new drug candidates. TriGen Platform is a trispecific antibody development platform that is able to break through the limitation of the single binding specificity of antibodies and enables the molecule to bind three different targets. CheckGen Platform produces novel bispecific antibodies targeting immune checkpoints. TGen Platform is a platform for the development of novel bispecific antibody molecules through which the candidate drug molecules can be used alone, or combination with other drugs, including the anti-PD1 / PD-L1s therapeutics. 

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