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            1. To Know Us More
            2. Work In Zelgen
            3. Join Us

            The goal of improving human health and benefiting the Chinese patients unites us together!

            Professional team creates professional company. Professional company nurtures professional talents!

            As a special and innovative pharmaceutical company, we aim the professionalism, teamwork and creative spirit of our team members. We consider the training and development of employee as a long-term investment. Whether you are a mature talent with work experience, or you are just graduate, we have tailored training programs and personal development programs that allow you to better play your expertise,and to be rewarded and to feel joyful from work.

            Zelgen has prepared for you several different career development channels, like Expert Channel, Management Channel and Project-based Channel. You can make achievements and get promotion through different channels according to your performance.

            In order to help our team members to better enhance their core competitiveness, we have established a employee training and development system which help us manage the career development of each member.

            We focus on individual development potential of our employees. We do our best to provide competitive compensation and benefits to all employees.


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